Moving to WriteFreely

Time to start over… again…

A while back, I posted I was unhappy with the editing facilities of the blogging site I was using at the time. I worked with it anyway trying a few different solutions including using Jekyll, using Org-Mode's export to HTML and tinkering with that, just typing using the built-in HTML editor, and finally trying to use elisp to use the Blogger API. That was a fantastic disaster which I won't go into here, lets just say after about four hours of just trying to get authenticated using the oauth2 elisp library and Google's ideas of how that should work, I rage quit and went to read a book.

It was just too painful to get anything done with that site, so I posted a question on reddit and received several very good answers. I am truly grateful for the Emacs community on reddit. My experience there has always been positive with very helpful people. One comment suggested using writefreely.el as the simplest solution. That comment also suggested Weblorg which I tried and generally liked, but after a couple of hours I realized I still had a long way to go before I would have a working solution, and I went back to try WriteFreely.

Okay, that was dead simple to use. The writefreely package in Emacs just works, the result looks good and it took almost two minutes of my time to setup and another 30 minutes of tinkering with a few things to make sure I understood them and tweak my configuration (which is nothing more than a snippet to start my org file). So, props to pxoq for the great suggestions. Also thanks to the other comments left by other users, I did mindfully read and research all of them.

If you are looking for some approaches to blogging, writing posts in Emacs and publishing them somewhere on the web, read through the comments on that reddit post, there are some truly great and simple approaches offered. Much thanks to all of them for responding.

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