Crafted Emacs V2 Released

Crafted Emacs V2 Announcement

Crafted Emacs V2 is released! The current master branch is now updated to reflect the new approach to assisting getting your configuration up to speed. Info files exist, so feel free to C-h i m Crafted Emacs RET to read the manual from the comfort of Emacs!

There is a transition guide:

See the v1 to v2 transition guide

This is a breaking change for anyone using Crafted Emacs V1. For those wishing to track the former version of Crafted Emacs, that can be done by following the craftedv1 branch, which was the former master branch. This version will likely not see much in the way of maintenance, and is provided for legacy purposes and to assist those who may need to take some time to transition to v2.

The branches used during development of v2 have been deleted. The new master branch is the currently supported and official release of Crafted Emacs. Additionally, many issues have been closed. The ones remaining exist because they were topics we either planned for future release or document some decision.

If you have questions, feel free to create issues (best approach) or see if one of the maintainers is in the Emacs – System Crafters channel.

Happy Crafting!

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