Crafted Emacs V2 (pre-release) Announcement

Crafted Emacs V2 Pre-release Announcement

After the RC1 announcement last month, we have had a flurry of small tasks and things to fix. Those are now done and we are ready to release Crafted Emacs V2.

We will be releasing Crafted Emacs V2 on Friday, 20 October 2023.

This will be a breaking change for anyone using Crafted Emacs V1 (the current version from the master branch). We will be moving branches around in git, which will likely add to the confusion, but after Friday this week, there will be a craftedv1 branch for those who wish to stay with the starter kit version of Crafted Emacs. This version will likely not see much in the way of maintenance, and is provided for legacy purposes and to assist those who may need to take some time to transition to v2.

After Friday, the branches used during development of v2 will cease to exist. Thus if you are tracking the alpha, beta, or RC1 branches, those will disappear. The new master branch will be the currently supported and official release of Crafted Emacs. Additionally, many (most) of the issues still outstanding will be closed as no-longer applicable since most were opened against v1 and are really old with no further discussion occurring on them.

Make sure to take a look at the v1 to v2 transition guide. N.B. This link work for the rest of this week, but not after the release. I'll post another blog entry with an updated link on Friday. If you have questions, feel free to create issues (best approach) or see if one of the maintainers is in the Emacs – System Crafters channel.

Happy Crafting!

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