Crafted Emacs Update for July and New Teammate

Life. It's a thing. So, I've been busy with work and stuff for the past couple of months and haven't taken the time to get an update out! Oh dear!

New Teammate!

Well, here you go! Even though my day job has been getting more and more hectic, I've still found time to continue working on Crafted Emacs. On that note, if you have been paying any attention to the repo, you may have noticed an uptick by one of our community in the comments on issues, and pull request submissions. She has been so helpful, I asked her to join me as a teammate and co-maintainer of Crafted Emacs, and she graciously accepted the position! So, today, I'm excited to introduce Judy (@jvdydev) as a co-maintainer!! No, I'm not working myself out of a job, but it certainly has been nice to have a second set of eyes and hands on the keyboard these past few weeks, and I'm really excited to be working together with her moving forward.


Now that I have that wonderful news out of the way, here are some of the updates to the Crafted Emacs V2 Beta branch:

Oh, and I did a stream with David where we introduced the Crafted Emacs V2 Beta launch, feel free to go back and watch that stream and hear all the plans for not just V2, but for the next release(s) of Crafted Emacs. No promises we will go fully down that road, but there are some good ideas I think will be interesting to put together. At the moment though, my focus is on the Crafted Emacs V2 Beta branch. I did back port the fix for the custom-file to the master branch, so you should be able to take advantage of that goodness with your next Crafted Emacs install. We are still looking for feedback on the modules, issues are the preferred method of reporting them, but you might find one of us in the Emacs room in the System Crafters space on Matrix (see:, so feel free to say hello and ask questions.

Happy Crafting!!

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