Crafted Emacs Update for August and Another New Teammate

Documentation work has been ongoing this month, as well as a few fixes. I'll get to that in a moment though.

New Teammate!

I have expanded our team to include Stefan Thesing (@sthesing) who has been doing a ton of work on getting documentation in order. He has raised a few points for thoughtful discussion and has also worked on a few code PRs as well. I appreciate his efforts and he seemed to be a good fit for the team. Judy and I had a conversation about it and decided to see if he wanted in. We are happy to announce his agreement and look forward to working together even more in the future!


Now that I have that wonderful news out of the way, here are some of the updates to the Crafted Emacs V2 Beta branch:

RC1 on the horizon

We have a plan for a RC1 type of release. That is coming, hopefully soon. Right now, our goal is to complete the documentation of the modules listed in Issue 128, so if anyone wants to submit a PR for one of the modules that doesn't have a check mark next to it, please do so! The more help we get, the faster we get there!

Happy Crafting!!

Tags: #emacs