Crafted Emacs RC1

RC1 is available

Short note: Crafted Emacs RC1 is out. For those (and hopefully there are many) who wish to try it, you need to checkout the craftedv2RC1 branch.

Moving forward, there are a few things we are working on. We have some progress on a template to use when submitting issues, that should be available “soon”. We will be working on some guidance when transitioning to Crafted Emacs V2 from Crafted Emacs V1. We will also look to beefing up the documentation on contributing modules for Crafted Emacs. We have one for contributing documentation, but only a brief mention in the README.

None of those items are blockers for releasing Crafted Emacs V2. We'll leave RC1 in place for a couple of weeks, depending on community involvement and any issues encountered which need to be fixed. We may have a RC2 if there are enough issues to fix.

Finally huge thanks to my fellow contributors, Judy and Stefan, for putting in so much time and helping getting to this point so quickly!! You guys are awesome!

Happy Crafting!

Tags: #emacs